Save Kapiti

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We are a group dedicated to preserving our iconic Kapiti landscapes from destruction by an unnecessary and poorly thought out roading option.  We seek to find the solution to the roading problems of Kapiti  that will best serve both the local community and the wider public of New Zealand.

What do we want?

  • We want a local two lane road, as planned, to be built
  • We want to see improvements to SH1 existing route
  • We want reconsideration of the decision to build the Expressway

The Minister, acting on advice of NZTA, has decided that an expressway be built from Wellington to Levin, following the route of Transmission Gulley and then the “Western Link” road through Kapiti  and on to Levin via a road beside the present SH1.

A rushed and confusing consultation process and request for public submissions preceded this decision in which a number of alternative routes were proposed.

We have a series of concerns  about  the proposed expressway through Kapiti.

  • The proposal, as it affects Kapiti, runs counter to the principles concerning the relationship between roads and communities which are expressly stated in NZTA policies.
  • The proposal will destroy the unity of the settlements on the Kapiti Coast by brutally  dividing the community.  It will cut off present access to  kindergartens, schools, swimming pools, parks, the beaches  and, in short, the majority of the public facilities on the Coast.  It will destroy community links as demonstrated by the chasm between Johnsonville and Newlands.
  • The commitment to enhance the environment of the Coast, to preserving its ecology,  to maintaining  its wetlands, and the implementation of the stringent environmental standards already in place for development practices, are all seriously threatened by the Expressway.
  • There is a serious threat to traditional cultural values inherent in the proposed route.
  • The Expressway as proposed runs counter to the established District Plan – a plan endorsed by the people of the Coast after considerable discussion.
  • There has been little or no rationale presented for an Expressway.
  • An Expressway, with its focus on speed and the fewest number of linking roads possible means that it provides little to the local communities affected by it.
  • The cost/benefit analysis for the Expressway through Kapiti is only 0.6 – 40 cents of every dollar spent built and maintaining it will be lost.

In a time of economic constraint, the Government should follow its own advice and seek to provide a workable solution at a minimum  cost to the ratepayers of New Zealand.

We’re fighting the decision through the process. When NZTA propose their application, we expect it to be referred to a Board of Inquiry under the Resource Management Act. We will oppose the application, but this will cost money. You can support us by donating to our Fighting Fund, or to our fund for publicity and community communication. We need to mobilise our communities, to counter the propaganda supplied by NZTA.

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