Title Page

Just a reminder that your title/cover page should contain the following:

  1. Which proposal your submission is in respect of and the date of the application;
  2. Who the submission is from (full name, postal address, a phone number and an email address. Note, though, that this will become public as the submissions will be published on the EPA website;
  3. Explain who you are. You might want to state that you are an affected party because of the location of your property. You might want to state your education and experience in a particular area, your membership affiliations you have if they relate to what you are writing about and whether you have the support of an organisation or other people in your community;
  4. Whether you support or oppose the proposal;
  5. A summary of your key reasons for your submission in bullet points that are easy to read;
  6. Whether you wish to speak to your submission at a Hearing.

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