Reclaim the Link!

Reclaim the Link!

Evidence is before the court!!!

With the generous help of our supporters, we have been able to submit powerful evidence in defence of our community to the upcoming Board of Inquiry (please see the Submitters’ Evidence on the EPA website).

It’s great to see such strong and compelling arguments and witnesses to carry the concerns of so many Kapiti residents forward in areas such as Urban Design, Town Planning, Geotechnical issues, Social and Economic effects and of course Traffic and Transport.

We have been able to pay for things thus far, but we need extra help to get  through the court process itself -a lawyer and 7 x expert witnesses and their time need to be accounted for!!

So…Poster for Reclaim the Link Concert

Kapiti musicians have come together to support us in a one-off benefit concert on Saturday 27th October. All proceeds to the Save Kapiti Inc Board of Inquiry effort.

Top of the bill is a one-time re-formation of the late Leon Kiel’s band Groove Assembly, plus supporting acts Skapiti, The Intenders and Matiu Te Huki and My Golden Soul.

We have 200x tickets for sale at $20 or $25 each. If you can’t make it yourself…then sell a ticket or 2. Please leave no empty seats!!

UPDATE: There are 2 ticket prices – $20 and $25 – because the higher price includes a copy of the “Message to the Minister” 2009 CD which has been repressed just for this occasion. Our thanks to Paul “Boggy” Bognuda for organising this and the artists involved in the CD for giving their permission.  It’s a great CD and a number of songs from it were included in Bos O’Sullivan’s film “Through the Heart”.

Please contact Loretta (04) 904 0844  to book tickets, which can be paid for directly to our bank account  (Save Kapiti, The National Bank, Waikanae, 06-0592-008-6580-01 and put your name in the reference box) and can then be picked up on the night from our glamourous ticketing staff.

It will be a great night out of relaxing music and a chance to reflect on this long battle and mingle and chat with the team that have spent so long putting the case for Saving kapiti  together.

(Sales table, art auction, raffles and finger food also, so bring your spare coins!!)

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