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Getting to the End

Getting to the End Time marches on and we’re closing in on the High Court appeal. The date is Wednesday 10 July (next week) and the time is set down as 9:00am. Usually, the hearing would start at 10:00am, but the judge wants to ensure enough time is available to hear both appeals. We don’t know if he [...]

There’s a bit of a Draft in here!

There’s a bit of a Draft in here! The Board of Inquiry has delivered their draft decision and report. The decision is not the one we were hoping for, but isn’t too surprising. We thought at the end of the Hearing it could go either way. You can find the report on the EPA website [...]

Reclaim the Link!

Reclaim the Link! Evidence is before the court!!! With the generous help of our supporters, we have been able to submit powerful evidence in defence of our community to the upcoming Board of Inquiry (please see the Submitters’ Evidence on the EPA website). It’s great to see such strong and compelling arguments and witnesses to [...]

Done and dusted!

Done and dusted! Despite the cramped timeframe and the denial of our requests for extending it, we managed to get our submission finished and in on time (4:16pm, to be exact). Our experts worked hard to analyse the data and our BoI team also put in the hours to draft, crit and redraft multiple times. [...]

Title Page

Just a reminder that your title/cover page should contain the following: Which proposal your submission is in respect of and the date of the application; Who the submission is from (full name, postal address, a phone number and an email address. Note, though, that this will become public as the submissions will be published on [...]

Down to the wire!

Only 2 days left to get your submission in!  5.00pm on Friday 10 August is the closing time for submissions on the Mackays to Peka Peka Expressway proposal. It doesn’t have to be huge – no novel required. Just put something in your own words about the things that concern you with the proposal. The main [...]

Equity Health Impact Assessment

A Health Impact Assessment (HIA) of the Kapiti expressway shows there are likely to be significant health impacts for anyone living within 200m of the proposed road.  Public health lecturer Dr Marie O’Sullivan, who has been commissioned to research and write the report, says most households interviewed along the route have an existing health condition [...]

Onward and Upwards

We’re now in the second week of submission time. Everyone’s busy reading and writing. The Environmental Protecti0n Agency visited the Coast last weekend and outlined the BoI process for us. They were very helpful and open, which makes a big change in dealing with central Government. One of the services they provide is the Friend [...]

Cheque is in the mail

Racing, this time!

Racing, this time! Environment Minister Amy Adams officially called in the Mackays to Peka Peka Expressway proposal today. We received the Call in notice this afternoon So, the clock is finally ticking for submissions. My calculations say that the closing date for submissions will be 3 August, but I’ll confirm that when it appears on the [...]