Example Submission

One of our members has prepared his submission and vetted it with his RMA specialist lawyer. He has kindly offered it here as an example of how to write a submission. You can download a PDF version here.

Submission on NZTA Application for MacKays to Peka Peka Expressway

My name is …………………….. The proposed Expressway is located some 80m to the west of our property boundary, in what has been, until now, a tranquil and beautiful area. This submission is made on behalf of myself and my wife.

We oppose the proposed Expressway and seek that the NZTA application be rejected. I note that our objections are both of a general nature as well as those specific to our own property.

General Objections

Economic: .

  • The benefit/cost data used in justification is faulty and now wildly inaccurate.
  • The benefit/cost ratio for the road is now so low that it makes the building of the road a totally unviable proposition
  • Road usage figures over the last five years indicate declining road use in Kapiti, not the projected growth also used to justify the road.
  • Use of asset sale money to finance the Expressway, as suggested by the Prime Minister, further destroys it’s financial credibility.
  • Consultation on the Sandhills route was dishonest.
  • Local traffic makes up over half the road usage and could be dealt with more effectively and cheaply than by an Expressway.


  • Building on sand and peat carries great risks and will be excessively expensive.
  • Rising sea level risks and climate change effects have not been properly accounted for.
  • The route will be subject to liquefaction in the event of seismic activity.
  • Destroying peat bogs releases large quantities of stored CO2 and is avoided in best practice.
  • Questionable hydrology (see below also).


  • The project blatantly denigrates NZTA’s own sensible policies on the avoidance of splitting communities.
  • It destroys 80+ houses and leaves 1400 within 200m of the road whose owners will involuntarily pay the cost of splitting communities in loss of values of their properties.
  • Noise and light levels will be a constant and continuing disturbance to peaceful neighbourhoods
  • Construction will add a further health-destroying layer of noise, vibration and dust to the heart of a community.
  • It will deliver a highly visible, noisy concrete barrier that will limit recreational, commercial and tourist-related activity and extend local travel times.


  • Degradation of significant Maori sites and disruption of dune buried bodies.
  •  Destruction of wildlife habitats and corridors, and added dangers for wildlife.
  • Destruction of the ambience of Kapiti, the presence of which was foremost in many decision to retire here.

Management Plan for Expressway

  • Lack of detailed solutions to the above problems in the CEMP for the road.

Particular Objections Relating to our Property:

- Effect on saleability of property. Expert witness can be supplied.

- Groundwater and hydrological plans that will not work and will lead to wide-scale flooding. Hydrologist report and Expert Witness to be provided.

- Assessment of water flows only to be undertaken subsequent to application for approval and with completion date subsequent to expected decision of BOI meaning a present insufficiency of data to permit approval.

  • Need for fencing of cycle track for safety reasons and requirement for ensuring its use by cycles only.
  • Issues of noise both during construction and subsequently insufficiently dealt with.
  • Issues of vibration and effects on property insufficiently dealt with.
  • Issues of wind-blown sand during construction, and its effects on property insufficiently dealt with.
  • Road surface noise and it’s abatement insufficiently dealt with.

I wish to be heard at the Board of Inquiry

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