The Board of Inquiry is required under the Resource management Act to consider all the issues listed here and whether a proposal satisfies the requirements of each. A proposal can be defeated if one of the requirements cannot be satisfied or the Board believes that the Requiring Authority has not adequately analysed the issue and all the alternatives. Or, more likely, the Board may place requirements on the Requiring Authority to mitigate any ill effects and such requirements would very likely cost more. This happened in the Waterview inquiry last year.

Issues which Board of Inquiry must deal with before giving resource consent:

  • Water issues (hydrology):
    • Ground water
    • Storm/floodwater
    • Climate change issues
  • Noise level:
    • During construction
    • After completion
    • Vibration, dust
  • Geotechnical engineering:
  • Earthquake, liquefaction and tsunami risks
  • Risks of building on unconsolidated sand and peat
  • Any alternative routes less damaging to the environment available?
  • Landscape and Visual effects
  • Urban design effects
  • Economic effects – National/regional/local impacts
  • Ecological impact assessment
  • Assessment of water quality effects
  • Cultural impacts (Tangata Whenua)
  • Traffic effects:
    • Through traffic
    • Local traffic
  • Social and community effects:
    • Severance effect of building a highway through existing residential areas?
    • Effects of major intersections/roundabouts on the community?
  • Discharge of contaminated water and discharge of contaminants to air and land
  • Archaeological impacts

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