FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions




FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Hasn’t the WLR always been designated as a motorway route?

No, since 1995 the route has been for a local arterial. After appeals and consultation the designation confirmed as a local route in 1996. Since then KCDC have obtained the Resource Consents. In 2007 Land Transport New Zealand (aka NZTA) agreed to a 90% funding for “Stage 1” of the Western Link Road (Te Moana Road to Raumati Road).

Didn’t Nathan Guy stand at the last election (2008) in favour of the two lane WLR ?

Yes, he has changed his position since becoming a minister.

Wasn’t there a petition to get the WLR designation as part of the consultation in August 2009?

Yes, and this petition promised a $30m rates rebate, the building of a station at Raumati and double tracking/electrification of the railway to Otaki. Empty promises.

Aren’t the government investing more money in to transport ?

Yes but there is a shift from investment in rail to road. Stations like Raumati, Te Horo and electrification to Otaki are less likely as long as the Expressway is the minister’s top priority.

Shouldn’t NZTA just build the motorway – get on with it.

No, the proposed motorway will not be fully open until 2021 while the local two lane WLR would be open in 2012.

Isn’t the motorway less money ?

No, the consultation process did not compare a two lane WLR at $120 and the proposed Sandhills motorway at $500m. And this motorway solution ignores the problems at Elizabeth Street, Kapiti Road, Paraparaumu airport and QE II park.

If they build the two lane WLR, will that solve the traffic problems on SH-1 ?

Yes, GWRC figures as used by NZTA show that this will solve the issues on SH-1 for the next 25 years.

We need a motorway, don’t we ?

No, GWRC figures as used by NZTA show that there simply isn’t the traffic volume to justify a motorway through Kapiti. It is projected to be the least used road of its type in New Zealand.

The people decided by consultation didn’t they ?

No they were not offered a choice between a two lane WLR and an Expressway, that’s why the response was so low.

Didn’t the majority decide on a motorway on the WLR designation?

No the majority, 64% chose option other than the one chosen by NZTA.

What happened to the governments national cycle routes policy ?

The two lane WLR would have had cycle (and bridal) access but the proposed motorway does not allow these.

Didn’t the consultation process end up with the route which destroys the least number of houses ?

No, the consultation didn’t include upgrading SH1, which would have least adverse affect. Also NZTA have already admitted that the motorway will not be confined to the WLR designation, specifically at the Urupa in Waikanae, the airport interchange and the southern connection through QE II park.

But the people affected will get compensated wont they ?

Only if their houses are “affected” which NZTA take to mean “demolish”. NZTA reserve the right to take and pay for only part of the land meaning the motorway would be close to their house. No-one who will be affected by noise, vibration, light and pollution will be compensated.

Haven’t those people who have houses next to the WLR designation bought know that a road would be built someday.

Since 1996 the road have been designated a local road and since 2008 it has a two lane local road. So anyone who has purchased since this is getting the shock of their lives.

Surely the motorway will be a great asset for Kapiti ?

After 2021, to get from Paraparaumu Beach to Waikanae Beach, residents will have to pass over the motorway twice and use the KCDC maintained SH-1, local road. The motorway is not designed for local use. It is to bypass Kapiti, and allow trucks to trip through, to the detriment of residents.

Will KCDC make the motorway “nice” ?

KCDC are already excluded from the core Alliance which is the decision making forum.

Will Labour build the two lane WLR if they are elected in 2011 ?

Yes, Darren Hughes, Labour Transport spokesman supported the two lane WLR and has promised to reinstate it as long as the bulldozers haven’t already ripped up the Sandhills.

Surely the motorway will be faster for trips to Wellington.

No, in a comparison GWRC have worked out that a journey on the motorway will be 1 minute and 40 seconds longer than an upgraded SH-1.

What is an Expressway ?

A noun. It is a road designed so that traffic can flow with as little disruption as possible. You shouldn’t come across things that hold up traffic flow, such as: intersections, turning vehicles, parked vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists or horses. Commonly it is a divided dual carriageway, with few at grade (same level) intersections (Roundabouts, traffic lights, left in left out) . The proposed Expressway is being designed to motorway specifications with only flyover type intersections.

What’s the difference between the two lane WLR as planned and an Expressway ?

The major difference is the connectivity. The WLR was planned to allow local traffic on and off using at grade (same level) intersections. The Expressway will only have three places to get on and off. The start, the end and one place in the middle. The motorway is for inter-regional traffic, the WLR is for local traffic. The WLR provides connectivity for local villages and it provides a CWB (Cycle-walkway-bridal) route alongside and has low environmental impact

What’s the difference between the planned Expressway and a motorway ?

Nothing. The word Expressway is a made up term to hide the unacceptable consequences of a motorway. Pure deception. The Road code doesn’t even recognise the term expressway. Both forbid pedestrians, cyclists and  horses. The proposed motorway has fly-overs and NZTA do not want pedestrians or cyclists in it. So it should be described as a motorway. (Defined in Ausroads)

Will the planned motorway provide better connectivity ?

No, the motorway is for through traffic not local traffic. For trucks and not pedestrians, cyclists or  horses.

Will the motorway will follow the WLR route ?

First, there is no detailed map of where the motorway is going to go.  The only thing remotely approaching that is the discussion leaflet that NZTA put out during the consultation process in August 2009. The motorway will be outside the route in QE II park and round the Urupa in Waikanae.

Is it likely that the Kapiti motorway be a toll road ?

Your guess is as good as mine. The government have announced that Transmission Gully will be a toll road. Go figure.

Does the proposed motorway this mean that we get a second bridge over the Waikanae ?

Yes, but. And it is a big but. Because of the lack of local connecting roads, to get from the beach communities of Paraparaumu to Waikanae you will still have to drive down to the existing SH1 passing Waikanae Downs and Kapiti Lights.

Surely the Expressway will bring new business opportunities to Kapiti ?

That’s a complicated issue. Basically the intersection in the middle (Te Moana road or Otaihanga) will be ripe for a petrol station, burger chains and some big box development. It is likely that any new business will locate close to the intersections. Existing business on SH1 will see trade migrate to this new development. Some north south trade will take the motorway and miss the shops at Waikanae completely.

Didn’t the business case for the Expressway say it would generate wealth?

Oh yes it said that. But the money will be in moving goods between Auckland and Wellington. The theory says that this wealth will ripple down – like crumbs from the master’s table for the dog.

Did I hear that the motorway will cost more to build that it will deliver in benefit ?

Oh yes. The cost benefit for the Kapiti section has been calculated as 0.6. It cost more to build than the benefit it would provide.  Would you put your money in a bank that only gave you 60 cents in every dollar back ? The return for the two lane WLR at 1.8, was to virtually double the investment.

So what do you recommend the government do to improve the roads in Kapiti?

First, tell the truth. Then define the problem properly. Waikanae should not be sacrificed for a problem in Otaki. The best solution has already been developed by the KCDC, GWRC, and Transit. This is a package of the two lane WLR, and upgrades to both the SH1 and public transport

So why do you think the government has chosen this option ?

This is not a solution for Kapiti’s roading issues. It part of a way to move trucks between Auckland and Wellington and get freight off the rail and on to the roads.

Didn’t the NZTA board pick the solution fairly?

You tell me. But the chair of the board moved on to a bigger job at NZ Post soon after. Who made that appointment ? Go figure.

During the consultation, wasn’t there was a fair discussion in the local press?

Do you call it fair when the editor of the Kapiti Observer at the time is the sister of the transport minister ?

Shouldn’t those who are not happy just sell up and move ?

Perhaps, there have certainly been some high profile house sales recently. That’s an end to one politician’s horse riding days in Kapiti. Now he has a big chauffer driven government car to whiz past in.

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