Key Stakeholders

Key Stakeholders




Key Stakeholders

NZTA have compiled a summary of feedback from key stakeholders. This is an abridged version of their findings.

Just a reminder before you start, the two lane WLR could be open in 2012 and would cost $120 million.

The Proposed Sandhills Motorway will cost at least $500 million and NZTA report the Wellington RoNs will not be complete untill 2121 at the earliest.

Darren Hughes MP – Labour Spokesperson on Transport

none of the expressway options would meet the needs of either the local community or the travelling public

supports the two-lane Western Link Road as a local road .. and improvements to SH1.

Department of Conservation

undoubtedly impact on the nationally significant, and in some cases threatened, plant communities that occur through this corridor

It is considered that the WLR [Expressway] Option will have a significantly greater impact on both recorded and unrecorded archaeological sites

Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC)

the expressway options would affect local rivers/streams, access to rivers, floodplains, flood flow paths and land that it manages.

… the proposal would dissect a considerable parcel of land within the north eastern part of the park. This would potentially undermine the integrated management and use of QE park…

Horowhenua District Council

we do support whichever of these options will be completed soonest, or if there is little difference in the completion date, we support the lowest cost option.

Kapiti Coast Chamber of Commerce

the preferred expressway option must provide local connectivity between residential areas, good access between SH1 and Paraparaumu Airport and provide fair and prompt compensation and environmental mitigation

Kapiti Coast District Council

The KCDC believes the most appropriate package of transport options is two-lane Western Link Road (WLR) to be built at the earliest possible stage, fully integrated with the surrounding centres and environment

KCDC advises that it does not support the WLR Expressway Options as it considers they would both adversely affect the community and environment

KCDC does not consider that an expressway is necessary , nor will an expressway as proposed achieve more economic growth than the transport package it has proposed

Manawatu-Wanganui Regional Council

supports…improving the safety, capacity and reliability of State Highway 1

notes that several of the options proposed have at least a ten year completion timeframe and would support an option that can be completed more quickly.

Also notes that the expressway options do not provide for cyclists or pedestrians.

The Board of Muaüpoko Tribal Authority Inc

We consider this option as the best option for iwi and mana whenua.

Options along the coastline or western route will be strongly opposed by Muaüpoko.

Nature Coast Enterprise

does not endorse any of the three expressway options.

Its preferred solution is an expressway that follows the rail alignment that is supported by a 50-70km/h Western Link Road

New Zealand Automobile Association

Busy highways with 10% heavy vehicle traffic are incompatible with residential low speed environments with older drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders

NZ Fire Service

The Paraparaumu Fire Station was relocated to Te Roto Drive in early 2009 to be in close proximity to the two-lane Western Link Road

..ensure safe and efficient access is available to the proposed local roads

Construction of the central section of the two-lane Western Link Road.

New Zealand Historic Places Trust

opposes the Western and WLR Expressway Options

The submission notes that the Eastern Option would have less impact on the Takamore wahi tapu area, and advises that both the Western and WLR Expressway options traverse a high concentration of archaeological sites.

 Paekakariki Community Board

considers that the expressway proposals could have serious impacts on the Paekakariki community

considers that the existing weekend and peak hour congestion on SH1 does not warrant its relocation from its existing alignment. Rather it supports building the two-lane Western Link Road and upgrading SH1

Paraparaumu-Raumati Community Board

questions why an expressway needs to be built at  all.

It advises that the two-lane Western Link Road is the only option as it provides east-west and north-south connectivity.

Consideration should be given to the location of interchanges with regard to local


Porirua City Council

supports the KCDC submission

expenditure on the expressway to be deferred until later in the Wellington RoNS programme.

Road Transport Forum New Zealand

states that it does not have enough information on costs, road user benefits, and social/environmental effects

the expressway options presented seem to focus on through traffic rather than on local traffic

As an interim measure the forum submission advocates for a second bridge to be built

across the Waikanae River as soon as possible.

Te Runanga o Toa Rangatira Inc

It is undesirable for the expressway to go though QE2 Park

The historic importance of Whareroa Farm should be taken into account.
Te Runanga o Ati Awa Ki Whakarongotai Inc and the Takamore Trust
the trust suggests the only roading project that would potentially be acceptable to build in this area would be a two-lane local road and bridge across the Waikanae River to connect with local roads, pedestrian walkways and bicycle lanes

It suggests providing access to the Ruakohatu urupa by providing an underpass at Te Moana Road for vehicle and pedestrian access to Elizabeth Street

Waikanae Community Board

Whatever expressway option is chosen would have substantial detrimental effects on the Waikanae residents and the business community

It queries if there is a need for four-lanes through Waikanae and surrounding areas

Local access to the expressway is critical if the community is to realise any benefits

Congestion issues in Waikanae Town Centre are caused mainly by the traffic signals at Elizabeth Street and Te Moana Road which could be removed by constructing an underpass at Te Moana Road, which is required regardless of which option is preferred

WLR Expressway Option could create additional severance and split Waikanae into three. The board is concerned that there will be major impacts on the social structure and character of Waikanae, particularly at Waikanae Beach.

Travel times will be increased for residents who will have to loop around to access the expressway.

Wellington Regional Chamber of Commerce

The chamber notes that a detailed cost benefit analysis was not provided

It comments that it is important that over-capitalisation does not occur on the preferred expressway

notes that the alignment does not support local connectivity.

It also notes that the Eastern Option provides the greatest travel time saving and is good for local connectivity,

Wellington Regional Transport Committee

recognises the need to provide for the efficient and safe movement of people and goods throughout the region.




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