SAHA Reports

SAHA Report

SAHA International Limited (SAHA) have prepared these two reports based on a broad economic assessment methodology developed in consultation with the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA). The first report was presented to KCDC in December 2009 and a second version in July 2010.
These reports are called “Roads of National Significance – Economic Assessments Review”.

These reports concluded a study initiated in August 2009 of the whole RoNS portfolio of projects, which was based on data current at the time. Consequently, since this study was concluded a number of updates have been undertaken by NZTA in relation to project specific data and changes to the implementation profile of the RoNS program of works.

** CLICK THE LINKS ** to down-load a copy of Mike Pickford’s * comments on the SAHA reports

* Mike Pickford – Independent Economic Researcher and former Chief Economist at the NZ Commerce Commission.

Comments on First SAHA Report V.2

Comments on the Second SAHA Report V.2

July2010 Saha summary Kapiti Roading

SAHA Reports

SAHA are a company who “do roads”.

They were asked to perform a study of the Wellington RoNS and they produced two copies of their report.

The October 2009 one was quite damning of the concept and the proposed implementation. The July 2010 was “massaged” to try to show what “benefit” the Kapiti expressway (aka the Sandhills motorway)  could bring.

Dr Michael Pickford has kindly summerised the discrepancies for us in the following article.

Click Article on RONS to down-load a copy

To see the summary July SAHA report down-load from the link below.

July2010 Saha summary Kapiti Roading

Or down-load the full report from here.

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