TVNZ broadcast a segemnt of it CloseUp programme on Tuesday 22nd March 2011.

This can be seen here

be patient through the advert and it is chapter 1

One fact that MUST be corrected is that the whole journey form MacKays to Peka Peka is 12 minutes (best) and 16 minutes “measured” so the best saving is 4 minutes and not the 10 minutes as mentioned. So that’s about $140 million per minute.

See here

Given that NZTA figures for traffic growth are WRONG this would have been worth putting to the Minister

The traffic volumes through Kapiti are static at best (less than 10 years ago) – see

Also the so-called “safety issue” was repeated again, another deliberate untruth as KiwiRap don’t list this stretch of SH-1 in their top twenty see

So, overall I am disappointed that CloseUp did not mention any of the following.

No mention of the RoNS and the need to borrow more on a project that has no pay-back.

No mention of Leinster Ave and the homes to be demolished here- all outside the WLR designation.

No mention of the Maori Urupa or QEII park as being the reason for the changes of designation.

No mention of the delay to the opening date from 2017 (and then some) compared to the 2LaneWLR open date of 2012.

No mention of the lack of construction people to build it as they will be in Christchurch

No mention of the fact that NZTA have the Kapiti expressway as a higher priority than Transmission Gully – why ?

This expressway will just feed the traffic faster to the real bottleneck of Pukerua Bay.

The compensation issue was not explored properly – compensation is that amount over and above “fair value”.

With a single monopoly purchaser how can we get “fair value” or “like for like replacement value”?

Most of all, I was told at the NZTA expo that they would get me evicted if it became necessary. That point was not put through to its conclusion.

No mention of the DomPost poll that showed 75% of people said “NO” to the proposed solution.

No mention that the expressway gives us a 400% increase in capacity when even the inflated NZTA model requires on 75% in 50 years time.

This is about a BIG ROAD which is being driven through our small but significant communities. Not needed, not wanted and not affordable.

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